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Humidifier CA-604B Smart Top Filling

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Humidifier CA-604B Smart Top Filling
Humidifier CA-604B Smart Top Filling
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Product description

Optimal humidity

The optimal humidity recommended by medical specialists is in the range of 40 to 60% relative humidity. People experience the air in indoor rooms with humidity in this range as pleasant and optimally humidified. The humidity level is thus ideal for the health of people and animals, and at the same time furniture, wooden floors, musical instruments, antiques, plants and many more valuable interior items are protected from drying out.

The effective humidifier CA-604B with ionizer, aromatherapy and with cold and hot atomization, automatically regulates optimal humidity and improves air quality in all indoor spaces where people stay for living, sleeping, working, recreation etc.

Humidifier with Top Filling, ionizer, UV-C lamp and aromatherapy CA-604B Smart

Suitable for small and large rooms up to 55m² / 140m³ / 590ft²
Clean air optima luchontvochtiger

Ultrasonic air humidification

Healthy, fresh, optimally humidified and flavored indoor air prevents irritated airways and dry skin. During periods of low relative humidity, ultrasonic technology can be used to achieve proper humidity in indoor spaces.

The ultrasonic technique is among one of the most effective methods for humidification in indoor spaces. Ultrasonic water atomization is performed by a small, high-frequency vibrating plate (membrane) in the water tank. The ultrasonic membrane finely atomizes water into cold or warm mist, which is then released to the indoor air by a gentle fan airflow.

Humidification capacity CA-604B Smart Top Filling min. 120 ml / h - max. 400 ml / h

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Ionization air purification

The built-in ionizer produces negative oxygen ions which cleans and refreshes the indoor air in addition to humidification. Negative ions attach themselves to dust particles, microorganisms and other unwanted substances in the air and bind them together. The particles become heavier than the air, fall down and are thus filtered out of the air.

Luchtreiniger, Luchtontvochtiger, Luftreiniger, Luftentfeuchter, Purificateur, des humidificateur,Air Purifier, Dehumidifier, Clean Air Optima

Easy water tank filling

The Clean Air Optima® ultrasonic humidifier CA-605B Smart with UV-C lamp and ionizer consists of two parts: the lower part with the water basin and membrane and the removable upper part consisting of the 3.8 liter water tank. The water tank can be easily and quickly removed for filling with tap water under the tap. The humidifier can also be filled with water at the top (Top filling).

With its 3.8 liter water tank, the CA-604B Smart humidifier has an operating time of about 10 hours.

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Air humidification with UV-C sterilization

The ultrasonic membrane ensures that water is finely converted into cold mist, which is passed by the UV-C lamp for sterilization and then released to the interior space through the spray opening.

The UV-C lamp provides an additional contribution to killing bacteria and viruses, thereby preventing odor from the water.

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Aromatherapy with essential oils from Clean Air Optima®

The use of essential or essential oils is called aromatherapy. Aromatherapy focuses on maintaining and promoting health and curing conditions. Aromatherapy provides air purification and eliminates unpleasant odors. Experience pleasant ambiance in your living spaces through aromatherapy, where you feel comfortable and therefore can relax better. Clean Air Optima®'s high-quality essential oils are micro-fine atomized by the CA-604B ultrasonic humidifier with ionizer, UV-C Lamp, aroma atomizer and create a fragrance composition tailored to your needs.

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Easy to use: with the control panel and/or
with the Clean Air Optima® App

The clear, digital control panel on the front of the device, features seven touch keys for easy selection of desired settings.

• Air humidity adjustable between 30-75%
• Humidification rate High-Medium-Low-Automatic
• Ionizer (switchable on and off)
• Timer function for switch-off time (1-12 hours)
• Sleepfunction
• UV-C lamp (switchable on and off)

The functions are adjustable via the digital control panel and/or the Clean Air Optima® App.

Usage and maintenance

Water Filter W-02 (display message 00)

The Clean Air Optima® humidifier CA-604B Smart is equipped with a water filter that takes care of descaling, cleaning and softening the tap water, thereby preventing limescale formation and bad-smelling water. The water filter can be cleaned twice a week under running tap water and is effective for one to three months

To indicate that the water filter W-02 needs to be replaced, the humidifier's double-zero indicator light begins to flash after 400 hours of operation. Reset the water filter timer by pressing and holding the humidifier power button for about 3 seconds. When the indicator light goes out, the timer has been successfully reset.

Cleaning the transducer and water basin

The method for this cleaning:

1. Dispense 2 caps Clean Air Optima® Cleaner & Descaler into the water basin (spread 1 cap on the surface of the Transducer and 1 cap into the water basin) and leave to soak for 2 -5 minutes.
2. Carefully remove the mineral (lime) layer from the surface of the Transducer with a small brush, cotton swab or toothbrush.
Caution: Never use sharp or hard objects to clean the Transducer.
3. Add water to the edge of the Water Basin and let soak for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes.
4. Rinse the Transducer and the Water Basin thoroughly with water.
5. If traces of limescale are still visible, we recommend repeating cleaning and descaling.
6. Clean the inside of the Water Tank with a mild detergent, and rinse with clean water.

After cleaning and descaling, your appliance is hygienically clean, limescale-free, bacteria-free, virus-free and immediately ready to use again.

To clean and descale, the device should be turned off so that the atomization does not release acid into the air via aerosols.

Clean Air Optima® Cleaner & Descaler is not suitable for the water reservoir (water tank). We recommend for the water reservoir (water tank), to use a mild detergent.
Luchtreiniger, Luchtontvochtiger, Luftreiniger, Luftentfeuchter, Purificateur, des humidificateur,Air Purifier, Dehumidifier, Clean Air Optima

Applying essential oils

For aromatherapy, only the Clean Air Optima® essential oils developed for ultrasonic aroma vaporizers and humidifiers can be used.

The use of other essential oils or additives not developed for ultrasonic aroma vaporizers/humidifiers can lead to damage to the device! Devices damaged by such additives are excluded from the warranty.



Suitable for rooms up to:55m² / 140m³ / 590ft²
Humidifying capacity:min. 120 ml/h - max. 400 ml/h
Adjustable humidity level:Adjustable 30 - 75%
Heating feature:No
UV-C lamp:Yes
Suitable for aromatherapy:Yes
Top Filling:Yes
Auto programs:Sleepmode
Timer:Shutdown time (1-12 hours)
SMART control using the Clean Air Optima® App:Yes
Water tank:3,8 liters
Ionizer capacity:> 3,000,000 negative ions / cm³
Active oxygen:< 0,05 ppm
Power voltage:220 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption:30 watts
Filter replacement:Replace water filter W-02 every 1-3 months
Dimensions:21 x 21,5 x 29 cm
Weight:2.8 kg (empty)
Noise level:< 25dB(A)
Remote control:No
CategoryAir Humidifiers


4.8/5 33 reviews
Placed on 19-02-2024

Prima apparaat waar je niet naar om hoeft te kijken.

Placed on 12-02-2024

Een goed en fijn apparaat geen droge ogen meer, en snelle verzending.

Placed on 10-02-2024

Angenehm leises Gerät, hat in unserem Wohnzimmer (ca. 50m2) innerhalb kürzester Zeit eine angenehme Atmosphäre erzeugt.

Placed on 25-12-2023

Had 2 jaar terug al eenzelfde apparaat gekocht. Deze bevalt zo goed dat ik er een 2e bij heb gekocht. We hebben nu 1 boven in de slaapkamer en 1 beneden in de woonkamer staan.

Absolute aanrader!

Placed on 23-12-2023

We hebben onze luchtbevochtiger nu 5 dagen en kunnen m al niet meer missen. Is heel stil en houdt de luchtvochtigheid goed op peil. Opgegeven bereik van 55 m2 komt overeen met de praktijk. Staat op een tafeltje van 50 cm hoog. Goede koop!

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