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Clean Air Optima® Air Purifiers - Coronavirus
Prevention Concept™
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Hay fever: now what?
Clean Air Optima air purifiers and humidifiers
for prevention against allergens such as pollen...
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Dry air makes you sick!
The air humidifiers by Clean Air Optima protect you.
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  • Suitable: 60m² / 150m³ / 645ft²
  • Captures 99,97% of airborne particles
  • Whisper silent operation!
  • Energy efficient
  • Professional air purifier
  • 6 cleaning techniques
  • Ideal for the bedroom!
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Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer


€ 449.-

70m² / 175m³ / 750ft²
Air Washer


€ 349.-

35m² / 90m³ / 375ft²
Air Purifier

HEPA UV ionizer CA-508

€ 229.-

80m² / 200m³ / 860ft²
Air Purifier

UV Plasma Ionic CA-401

€ 269.-

60m² / 150m³ / 645ft²
Air Purifier

Design Plasma Ionic CA-267

€ 59.-

20m² / 40m³ / 160ft²
Air Purifier

HEPA UV ionizer CA-506

€ 189.-

60m² / 150m³ / 645ft²


„For well-being and health“ Clean Air Optima improves the air at home, in your office, in public buildings or if you are on the road in your vehicle or in a hotel room. It combines high quality air treatment system, efficiency and modern design. Plug and Play system: Switch it on and breathe in

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Filter capacity Clean Air Optima air purifiers

The Clean Air Optima air purifiers possess a strong filter with a great efficacy for the eradication of particles, molecules, gaseous substances and smells. With the help of the modern filter technology our air purifiers create a clean and healthy room air and offer an effective protection against allergens, respirable dust...

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Optimal air humidity

Recommended optimal air humidity in closed rooms, ranges from 40 to 60 % relative air humidity. In this range the human being feels comfortable and that the air is optimally moisturized. This humidity is therefore ideal for humans and animals and protects furniture, wooden floors, instruments and plants in the room from drying out.

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