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Humidifier with ionizer CA-602 + Hygrometer HT-01W

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Humidifier with ionizer CA-602 + Hygrometer HT-01W
Humidifier with ionizer CA-602 + Hygrometer HT-01W
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Product description

Humidifier CA-602 with ionizer and aromatherapy

Suitable for rooms up to 35m² / 90m³ / 375ft²
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Ultrasonic air humidification

Healthy, fresh, optimally humidified and flavored indoor air prevents irritated airways and dry skin. During periods of low relative humidity, ultrasonic technology can be used to achieve proper humidity in indoor spaces.

The ultrasonic technique is among one of the most effective methods for humidification in indoor spaces. Ultrasonic water atomization is performed by a small, high-frequency vibrating plate (membrane) in the water tank. The ultrasonic membrane finely atomizes water into cold or warm mist, which is then released to the indoor air by a gentle fan airflow

Humidification capacity CA-602 / min. 120 ml/ h - max. 300 ml/ h

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HT-01W hygrometer and thermometer from
Clean Air Optima®

Thanks to the large digits on the coloured display of the HT-01W hygrometer, reading both temperature and humidity has become a simple task. In addition, the display includes a handy pointer indicator that shows the current humidity in the words "DRY" (dry), "COMFORT" (comfortable) or "WET" (humid). With these clear measurements and visual indication, you always have instant insight into the prevailing conditions of temperature and humidity within your home or office. The HT-01W hygrometer's clear display with large digits and bright pointer indicator offer a user-friendly experience, allowing you to take in the important information at a glance.

So, with this advanced hygrometer and thermometer from Clean Air Optima®, you are always well informed whether the humidity is in the optimal range of 40 to 60% relative humidity, and you can use the right Clean Air Optima® humidifier or dehumidifier as needed to achieve optimally regulated humidity for a pleasant and healthy living environment. At temperatures above 23°C, a Clean Air Optima® fan or air cooler can provide a solution by means of a pleasant cooling breeze.

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