Summer & hay fever - now what?

Inside, allergens may come amongst others from dust mites, animals, mould or pollen. Allergens can cause allergic reactions. An allergy appears when the defense system of the body develops an oversensitive reaction towards certain substances (allergens).

Each year, during hay fever season a lot of people suffer from unpleasant symptoms such as sneezing, a running nose and itchy eyes.

Hay fever season is difficult for asthma patients

Up to 80% of people suffering from asthma are also allergic to for example pollen. Many asthma patients do not only suffer from unpleasant symptoms because hay fever and asthma are closely linked, but asthma symptoms actually increase because of hay fever. The nose and the lungs form our respiratory tract. If our upper respiratory tract is irritated by pollen, the lungs might also be influenced and asthma symptoms may increase. Often the combination of asthma and allergies remains underestimated.

At the same time as spring begins, hay fever season starts and the first pollen from birch, oak, hornbeam, filbert and alder tree are spreading. People allergic to pollen know the problem and avoid to go outside if they can.

The air purifiers of Clean Air Optima purify indoor air from pollen!

The efficient air purifiers of Clean Air Optima offer protection against pollen if used indoors where hay fever patients remain most of the time, for example in the living room, bedroom, office, company or even in the car, truck, camper or caravan!

The air purifiers of Clean Air Optima purify indoor air with maximum efficiency from tree pollen such as birch, oak, hornbeam, filbert and alder tree (February and May), grass pollen (May and July) as well as some herbaceous plant pollen (such as dandelion, daisy’s, plantain and sorrel) and therefore lower the symptoms of allergies related to hay fever.


Dust mites, dust and pollen

Allergy in the indoor environment may originate from matters s.a. house dust mites, animals, fungi and pollen.

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Bird dust

Canaries, Parakeets & Co. bird mites can trigger allergic reactions.

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Bacteria, Viruses

Deactivation of air-borne micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

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Cigarette smoke

Highly efficient systems from Clean Air Optima eliminates tobacco smoke.

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Odor can cause discomfort in the environment and for that reason also brings health risks with it.

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Harmful gases and particulates

Particulate matter is a collective term for particulate air pollution that are small enough to be inhaled.

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