Suffering from dry air?

In general

Indoor air is influenced of temperature, air humidity, air quality and air flow. An ideal indoor climate is majorly determined by air humidity.


Opening windows or doors often has negative effects on indoor air humidity. Since fresh air often contains insufficient humidity the problem of dry air is only intensified by ventilation.

Relative air humidity (RH)

Especially in the heating period, relative air humidity (RH) often descends below the advised minimum of 40% RH for living and working areas. During winter, air in rooms that are heated is often too dry. The colder indoor air, the less humidity can be absorbed by the air. During summer, dry air can be caused by extreme heat or by air conditioning systems that are running for long periods of time.

Degree of humidity

Humidity of indoor air can be measured with a hygrometer (hygro = water).

Critical relative air humidity during winter months

When outside temperatures are approaching the freezing point during winter months, relative air humidity indoors drastically decreases. This can create an unhealthy situation in living and working areas. Example: if outside temperature is -7° C and inside temperature is 22° C, relative air humidity only amounts 20%!

By humidifying indoor air you can prevent air from trying to drain humidity from our skin, mucous membranes, but also plants, wooden furniture or floors.

Consequences of dry indoor air

Low indoor humidity is unfavourable for the well-being of humans and animals. Long-term exposure to dry air can lead to sicknesses or irritations with the respiratory system, but also to skin problems or problems with mucous membranes, eyes and nose.

The consequences of dry air can be countered by using Clean Air Optima air humidifiers.

Ideal air humidity

edical specialists advise that optimal air humidity should amount 40 and 60% relative air humidity. Between these percentages, humans experience indoor rooms as pleasant and well humidified. This degree of humidity is ideal for health and well-being of humans and animals, but also beneficial for furniture, wooden floors, music instruments, antics, plants and more precious items that need to be protected against dehydration.


Dust mites, dust and pollen

Allergy in the indoor environment may originate from matters s.a. house dust mites, animals, fungi and pollen.

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Bird dust

Canaries, Parakeets & Co. bird mites can trigger allergic reactions.

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Bacteria, Viruses

Deactivation of air-borne micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

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Cigarette smoke

Highly efficient systems from Clean Air Optima eliminates tobacco smoke.

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Odor can cause discomfort in the environment and for that reason also brings health risks with it.

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Harmful gases and particulates

Particulate matter is a collective term for particulate air pollution that are small enough to be inhaled.

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