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MC-02 Mosquito Trap

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MC-02 Mosquito Trap
MC-02 Mosquito Trap
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Product description

MC-02 Mosquito Trap

Looking forward to the mosquito season? Fear of infection, bumps, itching and annoying buzzing?br>
Recent research shows: biggest annoyance of Dutch people while sleeping is the buzzing of a mosquito. In this regard, during the period when mosquitoes are active, 1 in 5 Dutch people are regularly to frequently woken up at night by the buzzing of a mosquito.

The elegantly styled mosquito trap MC-02 by Clean Air Optima® is suitable for catching and eliminating mosquitoes and other small flying pests in rooms up to 50m² such as the bedroom, living room, hotel room, etc.

Clean air optima luchontvochtiger

How mosquito trap MC-02 works

With its UV-LED 356nm light ring, the Clean Air Optima® Mosquito Trap MC-02 attracts mosquitoes and other small flying insects. The UV light with which the mosquito trap MC-02 attracts mosquitoes is harmless, even for children and pregnant women. When mosquitoes come near the device, the powerful fan with a rotation speed of 1650 times per minute sucks the insects inside where they are caught in the collection tray.

The Clean Air Optima® Mosquito Trap MC-02 uses no odor, chemicals, noise or high voltage, making it very friendly to the environment.

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Mobile use mosquito trap MC-02

The Clean Air Optima® Mosquito Trap MC-02 with USB connection is an ideal travel companion and due to its compact size, low weight and power consumption. It can easily travel with you and ensure your mosquito-free stay in hotel room, caravan or tent.

Low noise and energy efficient

Low-noise fan system suitable for bedroom use.
Power consumption of up to 4 watts

Use and maintenance

Placement Clean Air Optima® Mosquito Trap MC-02

Mosquitoes and other unwanted insects are attracted to the UV light.
Powerful, low-noise fan with 360° suction draws the insects inside, where they are captured in the collection tray. Importantly, the UV light can be seen anywhere in the room.

Place the Clean Air Optima® Mosquito Trap MC-02 opposite natural light sources such as windows and doors and in such a way that the device can be seen from anywhere in the room. Avoid covering the light by columns, beams or other obstacles.

For complexly designed or larger rooms, it is recommended to place two or more devices to best protect the space. For optimal effect when used in the bedroom, we recommend using the Clean Air Optima® Mosquito Trap MC-02 a few hours before bedtime in a completely dark bedroom.


Sucked-in mosquitoes and other insects fall into the unit's collection tray, which can be easily removed from the bottom of the unit for cleaning.



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MC-02 Mosquito Trap MC-02 Mosquito Trap

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