Air Washer CA-807

Suitable: 70m² / 175m³ / 750ft²

  • 2in1 air humidifier & air purifier
  • Air humidification through cold evaporation, water as natural filter for air purification, activated carbon prefilter & water filter
  • Suitable for permanent use
  • No lime deposits!

€ 449.-

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Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807
Air Washer CA-807

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Technical spec's
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CA-807 Product information
•    2in1 Air humidifier & air purifier
•    Ideal for permanent use in every season
•    Suitable for persons suffering from allergies!
•    No lime deposits and no anti-limescale cartridges
•    Lifestyle Design

This is how the hybrid system of the air washer CA-807 by Clean Air Optima® works

The unique air washer CA-807 does not only purify indoor air, but simultaneously emits humidified air. A fan aspires unclean and dry air which is first conducted through the activated carbon prefilter and then guided through the rotating humidification disks with scoop ribs. Prefiltered air is naturally washed and purified comparable to a rain shower or a waterfall. The smallest particles up to 10 micrometers are bound and separated. The system functions without filter pads and is particularly hygienic because of the antimicrobial water filter. Further attributes: digital control of air humidification, easy operation and maintenance, uncomplicated, high performance, very silent.

Hybride System:

Humidification performance:

Digital display:

Four programs:


Air humidification through cold evaporation
Water as natural filter for air purification
Activated carbon prefilter & antimicrobial water filter

400ml/h when warm – fast humidification or
200ml/h natural humidification

Orange “Dry area“ 30 – 45% relative humidity
Blue “Optimal area“ 45 – 60% relative humidity
White “Wet area“ > 60% relative humidity
LED display 40 – 50 – 60 und 70% relative humidity

Day and night operation with,
Sleep – Fan level Low
Baby – Fan level Low
Auto – Fan level High
Health – Fan level Turbo

up to 8 hours

State of the art air washing system for an optimal indoor climate!

The new air washer by Clean Air Optima fulfills two functions. This highly effective air washing system humidifies dry indoor air and purifies it at the same time. The CA-807 is ideal for each interior, living rooms, offices, treatment rooms, medical practices etc. up to 70m² / 175m³ / 750ft². The technology of the modern Clean Air Optima air washer CA-807 belongs to the most effective methods of automatic air humidification and purification indoors and functions according to the principle of air washing without filter pads.

This state of the art air washer by Clean Air Optima possesses highly effective filters. The integrated activated carbon prefilter stops hair, dust and other bigger particles and absorbs bad smells. The additional nano silver water filter provides hygienic and clean mist and works against bacteria formation.

The rotor with specially structured humidification discs rotating in the water provides intensive humidification indoors. The air is enriched with humidity and water acts as natural filter liberating the air from impurities (as for example dust, pollen and smells).

The air washer CA-807 is hence an all-round talent which can be used as air humidifier and air purifier.

Optimal humidity at the push of a button

Relative humidity in living and working areas decreases below the advised 40% especially during heating season. In winter time dry air is especially frequent in rooms which are heated. The colder indoor air, the less humidity can be absorbed.

The optimal relative air humidity advised by doctors lies around 40 to 60% relative humidity. Human beings experience humidity in this area as agreeable and optimally humidified. The level of humidity is hence ideal for human and animal health and simultaneously protects furniture, wooden floors, music instruments, antiquities, plants and other precious objects from drying out.

Thanks to the integrated hygrostat, humidity can be controlled at the push of a button for optimal indoor climate. Thanks to two performance levels, day operation and silent night operation modes, as well as the digital display with dimmer, the air washer CA-807 by Clean Air Optima is perfectly suited for the bedroom or children’s rooms.

The new air washer CA-807 by Clean Air Optima works with the highly effective humidification principle of cold evaporation!

People suffering from allergies and skin problems have less ailments, can sleep better and experience an increased quality of life thanks to optimal humidity and healthy air.

Through a program specially designed for children’s rooms, the air washer CA-807 by Clean Air Optima creates a healthy indoor climate in the children’s room and protects babies and children from dry and itchy skin, cracked lips, sore throats and reduces the risk to develop dust allergies.

The advantages:
• Cold evaporation prevents the emission of particles into indoor air
• Lime deposits are impossible
• No need for anti-limescale cartridges
• No need for chemical substances
• No atomization, no vaporization and no risk of excessive humidification
• Indoor air is automatically correctly humidified
• Activated carbon prefilter: the prefilter catches particles like lint or hair.
• Activated carbon neutralizes smoke, chemicals, gases and smells, prevents the growth of bacteria, virus and mold
• The air washer CA-807 by Clean Air Optima CA-807 is equipped with an antimicrobial water filter which can be
easily cleaned
• The filter is made out of a cylinder with small plastic balls. These plastic balls are embedded in nano silver in order to prevent the development of germs and smells

The hybrid system of the air washer CA-807 prevents effectively against:

• Itchy eyes, an irritated respiratory system and dry skin
• Cold and irritating cough due to dried out mucous membranes
• Scratchy throat and nasal congestion and chapped lips
• Dust, animal fur and pollen
• Cold tobacco smells and bad smells
• Cracks in wooden furniture, wooden floors and music instruments
• Antiquities and other precious objects, as well as plants are protected from drying out



The air washer CA-807 by Clean Air Optima is an all-round talent that can be used simultaneously as an air humidifier and as an air purifier. This highly effective air washing system transforms unclean and dry air into purified and healthy air. It can be use all year long thank to this double function.

Even persons suffering from allergies can breathe again freely in rooms equipped with this progressive air washer CA-807!

The air washer CA-807 combines four programs to optimize indoor climate with high performance, silent mode, day and night operation. Its “sleep” and “baby” modes are particularly suited for the children’s rooms, the bedroom or other rooms where silence is required.

Ideal for rooms up to 70m² / 175m³ / 750ft².

Range of applications

Dust, pollen, particle-bound odors


The air washer CA-807 by Clean Air Optima® is particularly suited for persons suffering from asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, allergies against dust, animal dust or animal hair or persons with a weak immune system.

Example of use with unclean indoor air

Its lifestyle design and neutral color, make it possible to place the air washer CA-807 by Clean Air Optima® in each interior: the living room, the bedroom, office, staff rooms, waiting rooms, rooms where people smoke, doctor’s practices or treatment rooms from dentists, physiotherapists, kindergartens, school rooms, retirement homes, sport and fitness centers, hotels, bars, restaurants, spas, cafeterias, stores and public buildings.


The best features of the Clean Air Optima CA-807:

• ideal for rooms up to 70m² / 175m³ / 750ft²
• Transforms unclean and dry air into clean and healthy air
• Healthy indoor air through natural purification and air humidification
• Air humidification through cold evaporation
• Water as a natural filter for air purification
• Activated carbon prefilter
• Antimicrobial water filter with nano silver
• Acts against allergens like dust, pollen, animal hair
• Acts against particle-bound smells
• Prevents dust being stirred up and is hence ideal for people suffering from allergies
• Prevents allergic reactions such as sneezing, irritated eyes and hay fever
• Dry skin is carefully protected and moisturized
• Soothes skin problems like neurodermatitis and psoriasis
• Acts against tiredness, lack of concentration and tenseness
• Prevents damages caused through drying out of furniture, wooden floors, plants and other valuable object
• Hygienic humidification
• The antibacterial effect of silver provides germ-free water
• No need for chemicals!
• Integrated humidity sensor
• Intensive air purification
• Four programs to optimize indoor climate
• Day and night operation
• Very silent < 25 dB (A) Mode: Sleep / Baby
• Digital display with dimmer
• Ideal for the bedroom and children’s rooms
• Easy to clean, parts can easily be removed from the casing
• No filter pads that get dirty or need to be disposed of
• Easy in maintenance and operation
• Robust and long-lasting
• Saving a lot of energy thanks to highly efficient technology
• Removable water tank for easy refill
• Automatic switch off, display and alarm when the water tank is empty
• GS and CE tested
• Lifestyle Design suited for all interiors
• English user manual included
• 2 years of guarantee

Technical spec's

Technical data

For rooms up to:

Integrated humidity sensor:

Digital display humidity:



Dimensions (LxBxH):
Weight (empty):

2in1 air humidifier and purifier
70m² / 175m³ / 750ft²


30 – 45% / 45 – 60% / > 60% Rl.

AC220V, 60Hz
344W / warm – fast humidification
44W / natural humidification

400ml/h warm – fast humidification
200ml/h – natural humidification

< 25 dB (A)
Pearls white / black


- 2 years guarantee

Basis for maintenance of the air washer Clean Air Optima® CA-807

Every two weeks the left over water should be removed from the tank and the base tray should be cleaned and rinsed. The humidification discs should be regularly cleaned in the dishwasher every 4 weeks. The pads are dishwasher proof up to 40° C.

Cleaning water tank

Shake the water tank filled with water 4-5 times with closed lid. Clean the empty water tank daily by using a cloth to dry the inner walls. Do not add chemicals.

Eco-Air Plus / activated carbon pre filter air washer CA-807

The prefilter catches big dust particles like lint and animal hair. Activated carbon neutralizes smoke, chemicals, gas and smells, prevents the development of bacteria, virus and mold.

The ECO-Air Plus / activated carbon prefilter can easily be removed from the lid and be quickly cleaned with the vacuum cleaner or a brush. If the device is working continuously (24 hours a day) under normal circumstances, we advise to clean the filter two times a week.

Nano silver filter air washer CA-807

The air washer CA-807 by Clean Air Optima is equipped with an antimicrobial water filter. The filter is made of a cylinder with small plastic balls. The plastic balls are embedded in nano silver in order to suppress the development of germs and smells. The filter can be easily cleaned by rinsing it twice a week with tap water.

Changing the filter

Depending on the use, the activated carbon filter has a life expectancy of approximatively 6 months and the nano silver filter of approximately 12 months.

General comment

A detailed description regarding maintenance and cleaning can be found in the user manual CA-807. If the device is not used for a longer period of time, it should be thoroughly cleaned and all parts need to be dried well.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Das Raumklima in unserem Haus hat sich merklich verbessert. Wir sind höchst zufrieden.
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

zuerst mal Danke für die zügige und schnelle Lieferung.

Den CA-807 selbst habe ich nun einige Wochen und wollte ihn erstmal testen bevor ich hier meine Bewertung abgebe. Es ist der erste dieser Art und darf vorweg sagen, ich bin begeistert. Ich hätte nie geglaubt was eine zu geringe Luftfeuchtigkeit ausmacht und es hat sich gelohnt dies zu ändern. Nicht nur die Luftfeuchtigkeit auch die Reinigung der Luft funktioniert tadellos. Meine Bronchen mit denen ich es stets zu tun hatte Danken dies und es ist eine ungemeine Erleichterung und Besserung hierdurch eingetreten.
Das Gerät selbst ist von der Handhabung sehr leicht zu bedienen und habe auch alle Funktionen ausprobiert. Es ist sehr leise und vom Design her ansprechend. Auch die Pflege als solches ist recht leicht, unkompliziert und einfach. Auch wenn er preislich nicht gerade günstig ist war es im ganzen eine gute Entscheidung die ich getroffen habe. Von daher empfehlenswert und volle Punktzahl.
Thursday, January 11, 2018
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Zeer tevreden!! We hebben het apparaat gekocht ivm onze haard die voor droge lucht in huis zorgt. Nu we de lucht bevochtigen hebben we geen last meer van droge keel en neus. Ook beter voor de meubels dat de rv niet te laag is in de kamer. Qua geluid hoor je het apparaat nauwelijks, echt stil.
Tuesday, January 2, 2018
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Heel tevreden over dit toestel. Levert prima luchtkwaliteit. Geen keelpijn meer 's morgens nu we de Clean Air hebben geïnstalleerd. Aanrader!

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