Optimal indoor climate is determined by humidity. Ideal humidity advised by medical experts lies around 40 to 60% relative humidity in closed rooms.

Excessive humidity in apartments and buildings damages building substance, furniture and threatens human as well as animal health.

In cellars and archives humidity can also be very high and lead to moisture damage on stored goods.

The reason for high humidity in new buildings can often be found in extreme isolation, in older buildings a lack of ventilation and high water consumption represent a problem.

Seasons getting warmer and more humid also increase the problem with high humidity indoors.

If indoor air is too humid, allergens and mould can lead to respiratory problems and negatively influence quality of life.

Advantages of dehumidifying air:
Avoiding corrosion, condensation, ice and mould, less development of bacteria, reduction of odours, construction drying for existing and new buildings.

Clean Air Optima® air dehumidifiers fight against rust and mould and offer 3 in1 functions:
1. Air dehumidification
2. Air purification
3. Support for drying your wash

Air dehumidification systems

Diverse methods can be used in order to dehumidify indoor air:

- Heating and ventilation
- Condensation dehumidification
- Adsorption dehumidification

The air dehumidifiers CA-703, 704 and 707 by Clean Air Optima make use of the condensation method. This method is the most efficient because it has the best performance of dehumidifying and the lowest power consumption of all three methods.

Air dehumidification technology CA-703

Air dehumidification technology CA-704 and CA-707

Effect of Clean Air Optima systems for air dehumidification & purification

The compact and very powerful Clean Air Optima condensation air dehumidifiers & purifiers drain superfluous humidity from indoor places, actively prevent development of mould, stains, corrosion and bad smells. They improve indoor air quality. This protects the building materials and, even more important, your health!

If relative air humidity lies below 50% iron and steel surfaces do not rust.

Condensation does not appear on surfaces if the air in contact with the surfaces has a dew point below the temperature of the surfaces.

Ice formation
No ice appears on surfaces if the air in contact with these surfaces has a dew point below the temperature of the surface.

Less bacteria
Bacteria also need humidity to develop. Often the humidity bacteria need can be found on hygroscopic material. When relative humidity is kept below 50%, the bacteria cannot reproduce themselves.

Mould needs humidity to develop. If air humidity is reduced through dehumidification, the most important reason for mould development is eliminated.

Reduction of smells
Bad smells are drastically reduced when relative humidity is kept below 50%. Generally odour-forming substances adhere to vapour. The less water molecules in indoor air, the less “odour molecules” can reach our respiratory tract.

Dehumidification buildings
Dehumidification by condensation dehumidifiers with a compressor, such as the CA-704 and CA-707 models from Clean Air Optima, is the most efficient way to remove moisture from buildings, new buildings or buildings with water damage. By dehumidification through heating, humidity is only displaced from one room to the other and heating in combination with outdoor air leads to high energy costs.

Product advice ➞ best solutions

Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-704 Smart

Suitable: 40m² / 100m³ / 430ft²
Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-704 Smart

€ 329.-

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Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-705 Smart

Suitable: 50m² / 125m³ / 540ft²
Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-705 Smart

€ 369.-

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Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-706 Smart

Suitable: 70m² / 175m³ / 750ft²
Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-706 Smart

€ 449.-

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Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-707 Smart

Suitable: 70m² / 175m³ / 750ft²
Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-707 Smart

€ 429.-

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Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-703

Suitable: 20m² / 45m³ / 215ft²
Dehumidifier & air purifier CA-703

€ 119.-

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