Payment methodes

Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods:

Pay with iDEAL
This payment method can be used directly during the ordering process to complete the payment with your own bank.
You pay in your own trusted Internet payment environment, based on specific security measures of your own bank. You can use this payment methode immediately without making an iDEAL account.

Creditcard (Visa, MasterCard & American Express)
We accept the following 3 populair creditcards:
-American Express™
You can use your creditcard details through our secured SSL procedure safely.
We will make sure in association with your creditcard organization of a proper handling.

If you have a PayPal account, you can pay your order with your e-mail address.

Is the TÜV certified, secure payment methode of the company Payment Network AG. If you wish to pay by DIRECTebanking, you only need your online banking data.

Requirements: bank account, PIN and TAN data. Everything else the system fills in for you.

Bank Transfer
Please don’t forget to report your order number + customer number. It will help us to process your payment faster.
Note that it might take a few days before we receive a payment from outside the Netherlands.

IMPORTANT: Customers outside the European Union have to pay all bank fees. Please do not use any shared payment method, because otherwise we will not receive the full payment.

Our full address details for sending the payment:
Clean Air Optima
David Ricardostraat 9-9
7559 SH HENGELO (ov)
The Netherlands

Bank: Rabobank
Account number:
Swift/BIC Code: RABONL2U
Iban nr. : NL 88 RABO 0111 5968 74

Secure payment with Buckaroo

Buckaroo guarantees safe handling of all your online payments. When you see the above ‘ Safe Payment’ banner on a website you can be certain that your online payments will be effected safely. Consumers can click the button to check whether the website is associated with Buckaroo.
This offers consumers the confidence that both their payment details as well as their personal information will be handled discretely.


Dust mites, dust and pollen

Allergy in the indoor environment may originate from matters s.a. house dust mites, animals, fungi and pollen.

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Bird dust

Canaries, Parakeets & Co. bird mites can trigger allergic reactions.

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Bacteria, Viruses

Deactivation of air-borne micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

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Cigarette smoke

Highly efficient systems from Clean Air Optima eliminates tobacco smoke.

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Odor can cause discomfort in the environment and for that reason also brings health risks with it.

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Harmful gases and particulates

Particulate matter is a collective term for particulate air pollution that are small enough to be inhaled.

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