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Clean Air Optima International B.V.

Clean Air Optima David Ricardostraat 9-9 7559 SH Hengelo ov Clean Air Optima David Ricardostraat 9-9 7559 SH Hengelo ov
Clean Air Optima International B.V.
David Ricardostraat 9-9
7559 SH Hengelo (ov)
The Netherlands

Telephone number: +31 (0) 74 - 2670145
Fax number: +49 (0) 5921 879-150
Skype: clean-air-optima

E-mail: info@cleanair-online.nl
Website: www.cleanair-online.nl

Bank: Rabobank
IBAN: NL 88 RABO 0111 5968 74

Number Chamber of Commerce: 59471743
VAT number: NL8238.25.565.B.01

Clean Air Optima Germany

Clean Air Optima Enschedestrasse 14 48529 Nordhorn
Clean Air Optima Germany GmbH
Enschedestrasse 14
48529 Nordhorn

Telephone number: +49 (0) 5921 879-121
Fax number: +49 (0) 5921 879-150

E-mail: info@optima-luftreiniger.de
Website: www.optima-luftreiniger.de

Bank account number:1604164 00
Bank code: 26770024
Bank: Deutsche Bank IFC Nordhorn
IBAN: DE73267700240160416400

Number Chamber of Commerce: Amtsgericht Osnabrück HRB 210336
VAT number: DE305487508

Clean Air Optima Switzerland

Clean Air Optima Luzernerstrasse 29 Kriens
YellowCube - PostLogistics
Distribution Clean Air Optima Suisse
Roggenstrasse 5
4665 Oftringen

E-mail: info@cleanairoptima.ch
Website: www.cleanairoptima.ch

Bank: PostFinance AG
IBAN: CH36 0900 0000 6156 3589 7
Number Chamber of Commerce: 59471743
VAT number:CHE-412.134.916 MWST

Clean Air Optima Austria

Clean Air Optima Franz-Pichler-Strasse 30 8160 Weiz
Clean Air Optima Austria
Franz-Pichler-Strasse 30
8160 Weiz

Telephone number: +43 (0) 3172-603-2670
Fax number: +43 (0) 3172-603-9

Skype: clean-air-optima
E-mail: info@cleanairoptima.com
Website: www.cleanairoptima.at

Clean Air Optima France

Clean Air Optima 4 Rue des Bonnes Gens 68100 Mulhouse
Clean Air Optima France
4 Rue des Bonnes Gens
68100 Mulhouse

Telephone number: +33 (0) 3 89 60 89 09
Fax number: +33 (0) 3 89 60 89 01
Skype: clean-air-optima

E-mail: info@cleanairoptima.fr
Website: www.cleanairoptima.fr

Clean Air Optima Belgium

Leonardo da Vincilaan 9 1935 Zaventem - Brussel
Clean Air Optima Belgium
Leonardo da Vincilaan 9
1935 Zaventem - Brussel

Telephone number: +32 (0) 2588 9587

E-mail: info@cleanairoptima.com
Website: www.cleanairoptima.be

Clean Air Optima Spain

Alepa Informatica S.L , the trade name: GAVRI.ES
Alepa Informatica S.L , trade name: GAVRI.ES
C/Bilbao, 89
08005 Barcelona

Telephone number: +34 934 613 072 / +34 620 399 467

E-mail: contacto@gavri.es
Website: www.cleanairoptima.es

Clean Air Optima Czech Republic:

Czech Republic
Gavri s.r.o.
Slunecná 481/6
634 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Telephone number: +420 602 218 144
E-mail: obchod@gavri.cz
Website: www.cleanairoptima.cz

Clean Air Optima Slovakia:

Gavri s.r.o.
Slunecná 481/6
634 00 Brno

Telephone number: +420 602 218 144
E-mail: obchod@gavri.cz
Website: www.cleanairoptima.sk

Clean Air Optima Romania

Clean Air Optima Romania
SC Alt Aleco Group SRL
Str. Catinei 14
062346 Bucharest

Telephone: 0758 090 141
E-mail: office@alecoair.ro
Website: www.cleanairoptima.ro

Clean Air Optima Lithuania

Clean Air Optima Lithuania
Technikos g. 7
51209 Kaunas

Telephone: +37037263488
E-mail: info@rubisolis.lt
Website: www.cleanairoptima.lt

About Us

Clean Air Optima head quarters are based in the Netherlands and is importing and specialized in air purifiers and air humidifiers for small and larger rooms. Our products are sold under the brand name Clean Air Optima Europe wide. The brand stands for the central aim of Clean Air Optima: To ensure the best air quality in rooms, offices and on the road; in your vehicle or in a hotel room. We sell our products mainly through the internet to private persons, companies, organizations, institutions, health care facilities and resellers.

This is the right place for you, because:
*We want to ensure the best air quality in living rooms, workplaces, or on the road in your vehicle or hotel room
*We offer a unique assortment of effective air purifiers and air humidifier for fair prices
*The costumer service is highly important to us
*We deliver to companies and private persons in entire Europe
*We have a huge stock and are able to deliver fast
*We want you to be satisfied with our product and service, just like thousand of other clients

Clean Air Optima was founded by the twin brothers Jeroen and Frank Kortenschijl.

Jeroen Kortenschijl   Frank Kortenschijl

It offers products which make life more comfortable in all kinds of rooms, such as the apartment, office, public spaces and even in vehicles such as cars, trucks or mobile homes. Our ionization air purifier and ultrasonic air humidifier improve the quality of the indoor air and create a healthy and pleasant climate within living rooms and offices.

Our company’s philosophy in short: Better indoor air – better quality of life

European legislation:
Clean Air Optima fullfills the current European legislation especially the directives on E-Commerce, distance selling, data privacy and guarantee

Secure technology:
Your data is transmitted through a secure connection, which ensures that your private data is only readable for the payment system.

The Clean Air Optima air purifier and air humidifier are produced by a company which is certified according to the ISO9001:2000 norm.

Vision, mission and strategy

Our environmental problem and the unhealthy air in indoor spaces

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) –The American agency for environmental protection in the United States- concludes that there is more concern about air pollution indoors than outdoors.

Many studies have shown that because of the severe increase of air pollution and in the severely isolated energy efficient houses, offices and buildings, also here in the European Union, air pollution indoors has become a health problem.

People spend most of their time indoors. However, no matter how much we do to keep clean the home, the office, classrooms, laboratories, waiting rooms and indoor spaces in public buildings, etc: it isn’t possible to purify the air in this way.


The fact that people have to spend the largest amount of their time in unhealthy and unpleasant air quality of indoor spaces in homes and buildings can be prevented by the use of our plasma ionic air purifiers.


Our mission is to change the unhealthy and unpleasant air in small to (semi) large indoor spaces in homes and buildings into healthy and fresh air by using our efficient plasma ionic air purifiers.


We want to realize our mission by:
  • making healthy air in indoor spaces accessible to everyone
  • using healthy technology
  • making it an acceptable price
  • adhering to a high standard of quality


Dust mites, dust and pollen

Allergy in the indoor environment may originate from matters s.a. house dust mites, animals, fungi and pollen.

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Bird dust

Canaries, Parakeets & Co. bird mites can trigger allergic reactions.

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Bacteria, Viruses

Deactivation of air-borne micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

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Cigarette smoke

Highly efficient systems from Clean Air Optima eliminates tobacco smoke.

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Odor can cause discomfort in the environment and for that reason also brings health risks with it.

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Harmful gases and particulates

Particulate matter is a collective term for particulate air pollution that are small enough to be inhaled.

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