Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405


  • Turning circle (oscillation): approx 80º
  • Airflow: up to 520m³/h
  • Ionizer 3,000,000 neg. ions / cm³
  • Sound level: <25 dB(A)

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Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405
Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405

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Technical spec's

Luxurious tower fan with integrated ionizer CA-405

The excellent design of the luxurious CA-405 fan by Clean Air Optima consists of a very lean tower model and combines space-saving beautiful shaping with efficiency that fits into every interior. Comfortable adjustment thanks to the remote control and timer function. Adjustable dynamic air flow from 7 meters/second until soft, refreshing breeze thanks to the horizontal helix angle of 80° and continuous simultaneous air purification thanks to the integrated ionizer!

Unique design fan with ionizer for cooling during hot days

With its incorporated vertical rotor, this silent but powerful fan with ionizer for air purification with its tower design is very compact and lean and fits into every living or business interior thanks to its beautiful colouring.

Dynamic air stream
The luxurious tower fan CA-405 is a compact fan without blades equipped with an advanced ventilation system with a vertical rotor and three velocities, adjustment options for normal and natural air flow, sleeping mode and vertical grid adjustment.

Air velocity up to 7 meters / second and air movement up to 520m3/h.

Air purification with ionizer
The integrated ionizer produces negative oxygen ions which purify and refresh the air additionally to the cooling effect of the fan. Negative ions attach themselves to dust particles, microorganisms and other unwanted particles in the air. These particles get heavier in the air, fall on to the ground and are filtered out of the air. Odours are neutralised through ionisation.

Comfortable operation
The handy control panel on the top of the device is equipped with keys in order to select the wanted setting. These settings can also be adjusted with the provided infrared remote control which can be stored in the corresponding pocket at the back of the device after usage. The timer makes it easily possible to program the time for switching off the device.

LED monitoring
The 12 fold LED monitoring at the front of the luxurious tower fan CA-405 corresponds to the control panel and then remote control:
- 3 fan settings
- Dynamic natural air flow or soft breeze
- Air flow sleeping mode on LED monitoring
- Timer settings up to 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours
- LED helix angle 80°
- LED ionizer
- LED power

Excellent design with elaborated functionality
The oscillation function enables a helix angle of approximatively 80°. This way the space-saving tower design ventilation system CA-405 by Clean Air Optima insures an optimal dispersion of the air flow in the room as well as efficient cooling.

Silent ventilation system
The CA-405 ventilation system has 3 fan settings.

Energy saving ventilation system
Maximum energy consumption only 65 Watt with strong fan setting.
Energy consumption of 50 Watt with medium fan setting.
Energy consumption of 40 Watt with weak fan setting.

The best features of the Clean Air Optima tower fan CA-405

• Cooling during hot days
• Choice between strong air flow, soft breeze and sleeping mode
• Large helix angle of approximatively 80°
• Ionizer for the purification of indoor air
• Silent and powerful
• Elegant and compact design nacre fitting every interior
• remote control and adjustment through button on the control panel
• Low energy consumption
• Optimal price performance ratio

Luxurious tower fan CA-405 for a nice summer indoor climate

The Clean Air Optima tower fan CA-405 with ionizer provides a pleasant cooling breeze whenever you want it in your room, it improves the air quality, reduces health problems and increases well-being.


Examples of application

The luxurious tower fan with ionizer CA-405 by Clean Air Optima is ideal for a cooling breeze in your living or working rooms during hot days. It is silent, low in energy consumption and the integrated ionizer improves indoor air quality where the fan is installed.

This user-friendly lean tower fan possesses an elegant design in nacre and fits every interior: living room, bedroom, at work, office, and reception or waiting room etc. etc.

• provides pleasant cooling and purifies indoor air
• 3-fold fan settings: low- medium-high
• Choice among strong air flow, soft breeze, sleeping mode
• Large helix angle of approximatively 80°.
• Ionizer for purification and enrichment of indoor air with active oxygen
• Silent and powerful
• Elegant and compact design in nacre fits every interior
• Easy adjustment with keys on the control panel
• Including a remote control for adjustment
• 12 fold LED monitoring
• Timer for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours
• Easy and safe to clean
• Silent functioning
• Low energy consumption
• Optimal price-performance ratio
• Including an English instruction manual

Technical spec's
• Type: tower fan with ionizer
• Helix angle (oscillation): approx. 80 degrees
• Air movement: up to 520m³/h
• Air velocity: up to 7 meter/second
• 3-fold fan setting: low 750 / medium 900 and high 1050 rpm
• Ionizer 3.000.000 neg. ions / cm³
• Timer of 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours
• Infrared remote control
• Control panel key upper side
• Monitoring 12 fold LED screen front side
• Sound level: <25 dB(A) (Low)
• Length of cable: 2 meters
• Tension 220V – 240V / 50Hz
• Energy consumption 65Watt with high fan setting, 50Watt with medium and 40Watt with low fan setting
• Weigth: 3,35 kg
• Dimensions: Tower H 92 cm / B 16 cm x D 14 cm / diameter base 29 cm
• Material: ABS plastic


2 years guarantee

Use and maintenance

Place the fan on a flat and firm base. Do not use it in a wet or humid environment like the bathroom or the shower, indoor pools etc. Consult the included instruction manual for additional information on the use of the device.

Accumulation of dust and dirt at the back of the device will negatively influence the performance of the fan. Cleaning the backside of the fan at least once a week is required for an optimal performance. This fan is very safe and easy to clean:

1. Switch the device off and pull the plug

2. If used continuously (24 hours/day) under normal circumstances, we advise that the accumulated dust is cleaned once a week from the air inlet at the back of the device and at least once a month at the air outlet. Clean once a month the outer surface with a cloth.

3. If necessary clean the rotor gently with the vacuum cleaner on a low level. You first have to loosen one screw with the screwdriver and take away the grid at the back.
    Attention: put the grid back in place before using the device again.

4. If necessary you can use a soft cloth with a neutral cleaning product dissolved in warm water (below 50°) to clean the outer side of the fan. Dry carefully.

5. If the fan is not used for a longer period of time, we advise to clean the device carefully and let it dry. The device has to be stored in a cool and dry place.

What do others think of Luxery Tower Fan with Ionizer CA-405

Saturday, May 12, 2018
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Delivery went well and very fast!! I live in the middle of London and had therfore expected it will take a few days for delivery, but the delivery took place in 1 day!

Thanks Clean Air Optima.
Tuesday, April 10, 2018
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Good purchase, I can recommend this Tower Fan from Clean Air Optima to everyone!!
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
5 4 3 2 1
4 / 5
I bought this fan for my living room and it works fine.

I can recommend this fan to anyone who wants fresh and cool air in the house.

Sunday, May 14, 2017
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Beautiful tower fan with many features. I love the negative ions, gives an pleasant fresh air!

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