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Humidifying indoor air

Humidifying indoor air
Posted on 10-10-2022 by Niels

The correct humidity is essential for good health!

A healthy humidity is essential for health and for various parts of your interior. If the humidity is too low, symptoms such as dry eyes and/or skin, sore throat and headache can occur. In addition, (wooden) interior parts or musical instruments can dry out and shrink or crack. The optimal humidity recommended by medical specialists is in the range of 40 to 60% relative humidity. Humans and animals experience the air in indoor spaces with humidity in this range as pleasant and optimally humidified.

In winter in particular, the air in the rooms we heat can become too dry. Because the heating is on for large parts of the day, moisture evaporates from the indoor air, creating dry air. In dry air, dust is more likely to be released and float in the airflow. In summer, excessively dry indoor air can be caused during warm summer days or by air-conditioning systems that often need to be switched on for longer periods.

Insufficient humidity affects human and animal health. This can cause various symptoms, such as dehydration of mucous membranes, dry eyes and/or skin, sore throat and headache. In addition to health problems in humans and animals, insufficient humidity also has an adverse effect on wooden interior parts, musical instruments and plants. If humidity is too low, moisture is extracted from wooden parts. This causes the wood to shrink or even crack.

By installing a Clean Air Optima® humidifier, you ensure that the indoor humidity is maintained and thereby protect your health, (wooden) interior parts, musical instruments and plants.

Humidifying indoor air with an air washer

The Clean Air Optima® air washer system offers simultaneous humidification and air cleaning for indoor spaces. The extracted contaminated and dry indoor air is first passed through the activated carbon pre-filter and then over the rotor with humidifying discs. The pre-filtered air is washed and cleaned naturally, similar to a rainstorm or waterfall. The smallest particles of up to 10 micrometres are bound and separated in the water.

The air washer evaporates the water by means of a rotor with humidifying discs: this rotor rotates slowly like a wheel through the water bath at the bottom. When the part of the discs that has passed through the water moves back up, the fan blows a stream of air over it, causing the water in the humidifying discs to evaporate. This technique causes the dispersion of microfine invisible spray droplets. This ensures that when lime-containing tap water is used, the lime remains in the water tray and the expelled spray is free of lime particles.

Thanks to the Clean Air Optima® air washer system, the air is optimally humidified and freed from dust, pollen and particle-bound odours.

Ultrasonic air humidifiers

A Clean Air Optima® ultrasonic humidifier transforms water into fine mist by means of a small high-frequency vibrating plate (membrane) in the water reservoir. The mist created by the ultrasonic membrane is released to the indoor air by a gentle fan airflow. The moisture is absorbed into the airflow and distributed further, gradually increasing the humidity throughout the room.

The Clean Air Optima® ultrasonic humidifiers feature a built-in ioniser for producing negative ions. The negative ions attach themselves to dust particles, micro-organisms and other undesired substances in the air and bind them together. These particles become heavier than the air and fall down, thereby filtering them out of the air.

Clean Air Optima® air washers and ultrasonic humidifiers are particularly suitable for:

• Reducing all sorts of symptoms due to dry air, such as dry eyes and/or skin, sore throat and headache.
• Allergy patients, where the optimum humidity prevents dust accumulation and thereby reduces allergy complaints.
• People with respiratory problems, such as asthma and bronchitis.
• Preventing parquet floors, furniture, antiques and (tropical) plants from drying out.
• People with skin problems.
• Control of humidity in living and working spaces.
A guarantee for healthy indoor air quality

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