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Humidity today

Posted on 7-2-2024 by Niels
Today's Humidity

Today's humidity table explained by region in europe

The table below offers insight into today's humidity levels in different locations across Europe. This can affect our daily lives, whether you live in the humid coastal region or the drier inland areas. Humidity can vary significantly and directly affects our comfort and well-being.

The indications are defined as follows:

  • Below 20% humidity: very low humidity today.
  • Between 20 - 50% humidity: low humidity today.
  • Between 50 - 60% humidity: moderate humidity today.
  • Above 60% humidity: high humidity today.
Region Country Humidity today (%) Date Time Extra info

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Effects of too low indoor humidity

The effects of excessively dry indoor air are diverse and significant. They range from respiratory irritation to an increased risk of infections. In addition, it can lead to dehydration of the skin and mucous membranes, resulting in an unpleasant feeling in the personal living space. It is therefore imperative to take measures to maintain humidity at an optimal level.

Humidity today

Effects of too high indoor humidity

At the other end of the spectrum, excessively humid indoor conditions can also cause significant problems. Excessive humidity encourages the development of moulds and mites, which can result in allergies and respiratory problems. In addition, a humid living environment can damage wooden furniture and structures, resulting in a shortened lifespan. It is therefore extremely important to closely monitor humidity levels in the home and take corrective measures if necessary.

The importance of measuring humidity

An essential tool in controlling humidity is the hygrometer. This sophisticated device measures the amount of moisture in the air and provides information on the level of humidity. Regular use of a hygrometer allows proactive measures to be taken, ranging from deploying humidifiers in dry conditions to dehumidifiers in humid environments.

Optimise your indoor climate

Armed with knowledge of current humidity levels, one can take targeted measures to optimise the indoor climate. When humidity is low, one can consider humidifiers to increase comfort. When humidity levels are high, proper ventilation and/or a dehumidifier is essential to prevent moisture problems. Understanding today's humidity allows us to act proactively and ensure a healthy living environment.

A guarantee for healthy indoor air quality

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