Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302

Suitable: 60m² / 150m³

  • Aroma diffuser for rooms up to 60m² / 150m³
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • 7 alternating lighting effects
  • Interval function

€ 49.-

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Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302

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Technical spec's
User manual

Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302

The Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302 is a stylish, high quality aroma diffuser in an elegant design. With seven different subtle colour change lighting effects and fragrance molecules that are dispersed effectively throughout the room, Clean Air Optima Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302 creates an ambience of calm and relaxation.

Lighting effects
By pressing the light button on the front of the aroma diffuser you can set the device to alternate automatically between seven lighting effects or stay on one colour.

 Interval function
 You have a choice of two modes: continuous diffusion or diffusion at intervals.

Convenient control
Simple to use thanks to the two push buttons on the front of the aroma diffuser: press the button with the “light” icon to select the alternating lighting effects, or set it to stay on the colour of your choice. Using the “Power” icon, you can choose between continuous diffusion and diffusion at intervals.

Optimum Diffusion
The integrated water level stick in the aroma diffuser indicates the correct amount of water in the reservoir. This produces the optimum balanced blend between the ethereal oil and the water, so the scent is atomized effectively throughout the room.

Silent Diffusion
Thanks to the speed of the stationary fan, the Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302 has an ultra-quiet operation.

Energy-efficient Aroma Diffuser
Maximum electricity consumption of just 5 Watts

Aromatherapy with essential oils from Clean Air Optima

The use of essential oils is called aromatherapy. Essential oil, also known as ethereal oil, is a fragrant, volatile liquid extracted from aromatic plants. It is a product made from a raw material of the same name, by distillation or, in the case of fruit, mechanical pressing.

Aromatherapy focuses on maintaining and promoting health and healing disorders. When a few drops of essential oil are added to the water reservoir of the Clean Air Optima ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302 the energy of the essential oils is transferred to the human body by means of liquid atomization, helping to restore the body’s natural balance and producing a highly therapeutic effect.

Air purifying effect

Aromatherapy has an air purifying effect and removes unpleasant odours. Use it to create a pleasant ambience in your living spaces, and enjoy feeling comfortable and more relaxed.

Essential oils - what is it?
Essential or ethereal oils consist in a big group of natural substances that can be found in many plants. One characteristic of essential oils is their smell. Most essential oils smell good and only a few can be experienced as smelly.


Aromatherapy is an art of healing that applies essential oils in a targeted way to foster health.
The impact of various essential oils had been thoroughly researched and can hence be applied in a targeted manner.

Flexible application possibilities of the Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
The efficient Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302 is silent and saves energy. Its design fits into every interior.

The Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302 is perfectly suited for the living room, working or relaxing rooms, waiting or treatment rooms, sick rooms, recreational facilities, hotel rooms, boarding houses or spa areas.

It is also recommended for offices, receptions, conference venues, lecture rooms, public buildings and exhibition halls.

Furthermore the diffuser is suited for aromatisation of rooms up to 60m² / 150m³

The Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302 by Clean Air Optima is perfect for:
• Improving health and well-being
• Harmony within indoor living, working and relaxing rooms
• A relaxing and activating atmosphere
• Relieving pain and breathing difficulties
• Reducing tensions and tiredness
• General well-being of body and soul
• Prevention and treatment of coughs and sneezes
• Eliminating bad smells
• Perfect to ease every day pains and troubles
• Aromatherapy improves health and well-being
• Nasty smells in rooms disappear
• LED lightening: 7 different effects
• Easy refill with essential oils
• Various essential oils in stock
• Economical usage of essential oils
• No need to exchange pieces = very cost-effective operation
• Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, working and hobby spaces,
   relaxation rooms, spa areas, office, receptions, waiting and treatment rooms
• Thanks to its elegant and compact design this diffuser fits into every interior
• Very silent operating
• Easy service
• Low energy consumption
• USB connection, including 220V adapter
• Optimal price-performance ratio
• English user manual included
Technical spec's
Scent for rooms: up to 60m² / 150m³
Humidifier performance: > 20 ml/h
Humidification technology: ultrasonic nebulisation technology
Content water tank: 130ml
Power consumption: Max. 5 Watt
Voltage: USB Adapter 220V - 240V, Output 5V/1A (included)
LED lightening: 7 different effects
Dimensions: 106 x 106 x 160mm
Colours: Body: Living-white / Top: transparant
Weight: 238g
Tested security: CE / WEEE / RoHS


2 years

Use & Maintenance

Clean the ultrasonic transducer, the base and the water tank once a month.
Supply fresh water regularly.
If the diffuser is not in use for a longer period of time, clean it thoroughly and let it dry.
The diffuser is suited for the usage of essential oils by Clean Air Optima.
User manual

User manual AD-302


Essential oil Eucalyptus

Suitable: AD-301/302/303 - CA-602/603/604/605/606/607
Essential oil Eucalyptus

€ 12.90

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Essential oil Lavender

Suitable: AD-301/302/303 - CA-602/603/604/605/606/607
Essential oil Lavender

€ 12.90

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What do others think of Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302

Saturday, December 3, 2022
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Werkt zeer snel en oogt nog mooi ook, zeer tevreden over product en snelle levering ??
Monday, April 25, 2022
5 4 3 2 1
4 / 5
für dunklere umgebung, macht leises Geräusch.
Tuesday, April 12, 2022
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Wij hebben voor twee kleine ruimtes de Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-301 en AD-302 aangeschaft met de Etherische olie Eucalyptus en Lavendel en wij zijn daar zeer over te spreken. Qua uitstraling vinden wij de AD-302 het mooiste.
Friday, February 11, 2022
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Der diffuser ist ganz ok. Läuft sehr leise, ist von den Farben her auch sehr schön.

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