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Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302

Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302

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Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302
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Product description

Elegant design of the Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302

The Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302 is a stylish, high-quality aroma diffuser in elegant design. With seven different light scenarios in subtle color changes and fragrance molecules effectively distributed in the room, the Clean Air Optima® Aroma Vaporizer Ambiente AD-302 creates an ambiance of tranquility and relaxation.

Aromatherapy with essential oils from Clean Air Optima®
The use of essential oils is called aromatherapy. Essential oil is also called ethereal oil. An essential or ethereal oil is a volatile, liquid and fragrant substance secreted by aromatic plants. It is a product made from a raw material of the same name by distillation or, in the case of fruit, by mechanical pressing.

Aromatherapy focuses on maintaining and promoting health and healing conditions. By adding a few drops of essential oils into the water basin of the Clean Air Optima® ultrasonic Aroma Vaporizer Ambiente AD-302, the life force of the essential oils is transferred to the human being through moisture atomization and will thus contribute to the restoration of the natural balance in his or her body and a high therapeutic effect is achieved.

Air-purifying effect
Aromatherapy provides air purification and removes unpleasant odors. Experience pleasant ambiance in your living spaces through aromatherapy, where you feel comfortable and therefore can relax better.

Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302 clean air optima

Create the desired ambience

Create the desired atmosphere with 1 of 7 possible colors of light. Do you choose a fixed color setting or a changing color effect?

Of course, it is also possible to turn off the light.
 Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-302 clean air optima

Optimal Aromatization

The integrated water-dipstick in the aroma vaporizer provides indication of the correct amount of water in the basin. This provides the optimum mixing balance between the essential oil and water, creating an effective fragrance atomization in the room. With its stationary fan speed, the Ambiente AD-302 aroma vaporizer provides ultra-quiet operation.

Easy to use

Easy operation by 2 buttons on the front of the aroma diffuser: the button with the "light" icon is for the 7 possible light colors or can be used to select fixed setting of the desired color. The "Power" icon can be used to choose between continuous aromatization or interval aromatization.
Usage and maintenance


Clean the ultrasonic membrane and water basin once a month.
Change the water every 2-3 days.
When not in use, clean the entire unit and allow all parts to dry thoroughly.
Suitable for the use of Clean Air Optima® essential oils.



Suitable for rooms up to:60m² / 150m³
Humidifying capacity:> 20 ml/h
Suitable for aromatherapy:Yes
Water tank:130ml
Power voltage:USB Adapter 220V - 240V, Output 5V/1A (included)
Power consumption:Max. 5 Watt
Dimensions :10,6 x 1,06 x 16,0cm
Noise level:<10dB(A)
Color:Housing: living white / Top: transparent - LED lighting: Alternating in 7 colors
Remote control:No


4.8/5 12 reviews
Placed on 03-12-2022

Werkt zeer snel en oogt nog mooi ook, zeer tevreden over product en snelle levering ??

Placed on 25-04-2022

für dunklere umgebung, macht leises Geräusch.

Placed on 12-04-2022

Wij hebben voor twee kleine ruimtes de Aroma Diffuser Ambiente AD-301 en AD-302 aangeschaft met de Etherische olie Eucalyptus en Lavendel en wij zijn daar zeer over te spreken. Qua uitstraling vinden wij de AD-302 het mooiste.

Placed on 11-02-2022

Der diffuser ist ganz ok. Läuft sehr leise, ist von den Farben her auch sehr schön.

Placed on 10-01-2022

Sehr angenehme Wirkung, beruhigend und mit den Duftöl ganz toll.

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