UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401

Suitable: 60m² / 150m³ / 645ft²

  • Completely silent operation!
  • Easy to clean!
  • No filter repurchase necessary!
  • Professional air purifier
  • 5 cleaning techniques

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UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401
UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401

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Technical spec's
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*Effective * Comfortable * Economic * Plug & play

The unique air purifier CA-401 produces health air!

The unique Clean Air Optima air treatment system cleans and improves the quality of the indoor air in rooms up to 60m²/150m³, where people spend most of their time. Plug & play system: just plug in and breathe through!

Effective air purification with five-folded filter technology,

1. Ionizer capacity > 2.000.000 negative ions/cm³
2. Electrostatic filter
3. Plasma technology
4. UVC light wave length 254 nm
5. Different programs: completely silent air purification without or ventilation or very strong air purification
   with switched on ventilator

Comfortable because of the versatile application possibilities:

•   Infrared remote control for all functions
•   Large and readable screen at the front for simple operation via “soft touch” buttons, included with LED display
•   Ionizer with three levels, low – medium – high
•   UVC on /off
•   Ventilator on /off
•   Timer for 1, 2 and 4 hours
•   Simple filter cleaning: 2 times per week the electrostatic filter needs to be pulled out of the device and
     the RVS lamella can be cleaned with a damp cloth and pushed back into the device

Economic in use:

•   Suitable for rooms from 215ft² up to 645ft² (20m² up to 60m²/150m³)
•   Optimal cost-performance ratio
•   Suitable for professional use
•   Low energy costs
•   Simple filter cleaning
•   No replacement filters necessary
•   UV lamp works 8000 hours

Product information

For rooms up to: 645ft² (20m² up to 60m²/150m³)
Filter technology: Five-folded
Ionisator: >2.000.000 negative ions/cm³
Active oxygen: < 0,05 ppm
UVC: wave length 254 nm
Power consumption: Max. 25 Watt
Voltage: AC 220V/50Hz
Ventilator: Capacity ca. 50 m³/h / Low-noise ca. 35db (A)
Timer: Adjustable to 1, 2 or 4 hours
Size: H 760mm x B 200mm x D 267mm
Color: Dark grey with light grey grid
Weight: 4,35 Kg

Filter spectrum

The five-folded filter technology of the Clean Air Optima UV plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401 clean the indoor air from all unwanted substances and odor such as: dust / house dust mites /fine dust/ bird dust, bacteria, germs /viruses, pollen and other allergens, fungus, mold spoors, cigarette smoke, chemicals en volatile organic compounds and bad odors.

Application possibilities

The slim tower design and the neutral color of the Clean Air Optima UV plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401 is suitable for every living and business environment, in the living room, bedroom, offices, waiting room, recreation room, rooms where people smoke, private practices, treatment rooms of doctors, dentists and physiotherapist, children’s day cars, schools, retirement homes, care facilities, sport and fitness centers, hotel, bars and restaurants, wellness rooms, companies, educational facilities, canteen, sales rooms and public buildings. Even at the hairdresser or in manicure studios the indoor air can be cleaned and refreshed effectively. It is also suitable for placement in sanctuaries with dogs, cat, bird etc.

The effective, high-end portable and well-priced air purifier is especially suitable for the professional usage by companies, organizations, institutions, health care facilities, educational facilities, which chose consciously for fresh and clean air which offers a health work environment and living comfort

Effective air purification in five steps

Clean Air Optima® - Coronavirus Prevention Concept™
CA-401 - Coronavirus Prevention Technique:
UV-C + Ionizer.
More info

The effective application possibilities for the Clean Air Optima UV plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401: at home in the living room – kitchen – hobby room – sanctuary – bedroom, suitable for professional use in offices, companies, waiting rooms, private practices and treatment rooms of doctors/physiotherapists/dentists etc., public buildings, retirement homes and nursing homes, children’s day cares, schools, educational facilities, sport accommodations, fitness centers, bars, hotel and conference rooms, wellness rooms, sanctuaries for dogs, cats, birds etc. etc.

The Clean Air Optima UV plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401 is especially suitable for people with:

•   Asthma, bronchitis, COPD, MCS and other kinds of allergies
•   Hay fewer
•   Allergies against fine dust, house dust, house dust mites, bird dust and
     animal dander
•   Weak immune system

The air purifier is ideal for:

•   Families with children
•   Nursing of sick and old people
•   Households where people smoke
•   Protection against allergens from pets such as cats and dogs
•   Bird owners such as pigeon, canary or parrot enthusiasts
•   Companies which chose a healthy work environment


Five-folded modern filter technology:

1. Ionization capacity > 2.000.000 negative ions/cm³
    Ionizer with three levels, low – medium – high
2. Electrostatic filter
3. Plasma technology
4. UVC light wave length 254nm
5. Programs:
- Completely silent air purification without ventilation
- Very strong air purification with switched-on low-noise ventilation
•   Timer, adjustable to 1,2 or 4 hours
•   Suitable for continuous use in the bedroom
•   People with allergies can sleep with switched-on air purifier
•   Especially suitable for rooms where silence is essential
•   Simple filter cleaning
•   Cleaning of the stainless steel dust collectors by taking off
•   No replacement filters necessary = very low maintenance costs!
•   Ideal for the usage in apartments, workplace, offices, private practices,
     hotels and restaurant and health care facilities
•   The tower design in dark grey with light grey grid is suitable for each interior.
•   Filters pollen, fine dust and house dust mites allergens from the air
•   Eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses
•   Neutralizes bad odors
•   Effective against cigarette smoke, animal smell, and kitchen smells
•   Simple maintenance and handling
•   Optimal cost-performance ratio

Technical spec's
•   Suitable for rooms from 215ft² up to 645ft² (20m² up to 60m²/150m³)
•   Five-folded filter technology
•   Ionizer cleans, refreshes and enriches the air with >2.000.000 negative ions/cm³
•   Ionizer with three levels, low – medium – high
•   Voltage AC 220V/50Hz
•   Active oxygen< 0,05 ppm
•   Ventilation capacity ca. 50 m³/h
•   Switch on /off low-noise ventilation ca. 35db (A)
•   UVC wave length 254 nm
•   UVC spectrum >200µw/cm² (on 10 cm distance)
•   Economic life-time of UV lamp 8000 hours = 24/7
•   Timer adjustable to 1, 2 or 4 hours
•   Size H 760mm x W 200mm x d 267mm
•   Color dark grey with light grey grid
•   Weight 4,35 kg


•   2 year warranty

Cleaning of electrostatic filter

The electrostatic filter consists out of stainless steel dust collectors. Switch of the device and pull from the socket. Wait a few minutes. Afterwards pull the electrostatic filter from the top at the device. Clean the stainless steel dust collectors with a damp cloth, where a bit detergent is applied. Only push back the filter when it is dry! If used continuously (24/7) we advise to clean the electrostatic filter once a week.

Cleaning of ionizer wires.

The Clean Air Optima UV plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401 has a cleaning mechanism for the scraping of the ionizer wires. This scraping takes place when the electrostatic filter is pulled out. Under normal conditions we advise to clean the ionizer wires once a week. Please pull out and push back the electrostatic filter 4 to 5 times after each other out of the device.

UV lamp

The UV lamp of the Clean Air Optima UV plasma ionizer air purifier CA-401 has an economic life-time of 8000 hours = 1 year if used 24/7. To replace the UV lamp it is possible to order it in our web shop https://www.cleanairoptima.com/

No filter replacement necessary!

Because of the simple cleaning mechanism no expensive replacement filters need to be purchase = very cost-efficient in maintenance!

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What do others think of UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401

Friday, April 12, 2019
5 4 3 2 1
4 / 5
Ho aspettato un pò di tempo prima di fare questa recensione per testare efficacemente l'oggetto. Lo ionizzatore è molto valido risulta robusto e ben progetatto. Necessita di una accurata pulizia almeno una volta a settimana e con molta delicatezza. A mio parere, ho come l'impressione che questo purificatore abbia una oscillazione nella emissione degli ioni negativi durante la giornata; nonostante ciò fa bene il suo lavoro; perfetto quindi per abbattere polline, polvere,cattivi odori; etc. L'unico difetto è il segnale del telecomando che ha una limitato raggio di azione in termini di distanza,non superiore al metro. Questa limitazione è alquanto scomoda perchè se non si è molto vicini all'apparecchio il telecomando è praticament inutile; motivo per cui ho dato 4 stelle. Consiglio vivamente di migliorare i telecomandi. Infine posso dire che sono complessivamente soddisfatto.
Saturday, September 29, 2018
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
I bought UV Plasma Ionic Air Purifier CA-401 couple years ago. This ionizer became so popular at my house that I have just bought one more to prevent fights for having it in one's or another's room. Eventually i will get more for each room. easy to clean, silent, the air quality improved dramatically. I will recommend this one to everybody. Excellent device.
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Eerst dacht ik dat het niet zou werken, maar zien, is geloven en inderdaad wat doet dit apparaat het goed. Het reinigt zo goed dat ik wel eens denk dit had ik veel eerder moeten hebben dat zou veel behangen en schilderen schelen. Maar het leukste vind ik eigenlijk het reinigen van het apparaat druk op de knop je trekt de beugel eruit en even een vochtig doekje erover en klaar is Kees. Maar als je ziet wat er allemaal vanaf komt echt ongelofelijk. Ik zou het iedereen aanraden het is echt een topper.
Saturday, April 24, 2021
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
We hebben sinds een week de grote air cleaner voor in de woonkamer en de 2 kleine CA-267 voor in de slaapkamer en 1 op de camping. Je merkt gelijk na 1 dag dat de cleaner de lucht goed neuteuraliseren. Ik ben zelf een milde copd en veel last van hooikoorts. Op de slaapkamer merk ik dat ik veel rustiger slaap. Moest voorheen veel slikken.
Alom , tot op heden een goede aanrader qua prijs en kwaliteit, grote voordeel geen dure filters eens per jaar. Na een kleine week gebruik de elektrostatische filter schoongemaakt met een licht vochtige doek met een beetje dreft, ongelooflijk hoeveel vuil daar van af komt.Doekje was zwart van de viezigheid.
Top aanschaf voor een goede prijs.

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Dust mites, dust and pollen

Allergy in the indoor environment may originate from matters s.a. house dust mites, animals, fungi and pollen.

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Bird dust

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Bacteria, Viruses

Deactivation of air-borne micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

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Cigarette smoke

Highly efficient systems from Clean Air Optima eliminates tobacco smoke.

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Harmful gases and particulates

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