Humidifier with Ionizer CA-606

Suitable: 65m² / 160m³ / 699ft²

  • NEW MODEL! since Nov 2020!
  • 3in1: humidifying, air purifying and aromatherapy!
  • Cold and warm fogging!
  • Ionizer 3.000.000/cm³!
  • Easy maintenance - Topdesign!

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Humidifier with Ionizer CA-606
Humidifier with Ionizer CA-606

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Technical spec's
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Ultrasonic humidifier with ionizer and aromatherapy CA-606

Unique air humidifier combines technology, design and comfort:
* 3 in 1: ultrasonic air humidification with ionization air cleaning and aromatherapy
* Topdesign – Designed in Germany
* Comfortable with a remote control and easy maintenance
* Humidifier suitable for small and larger spaces up to approx. 65m²/160m³
* Energy efficient

Optimal humidity

Doctors’ advice is that optimal air humidity should be between 40% to 60% relative humidity. In this range humans experience humidity as optimal and pleasant. The degree of humidity is then ideal for humans and animals and at the same time furniture, wooden floors, music instruments, antiques, plants and other valuable objects are protected against drying-out.

Ultrasonic humidifier CA-606 with ionizer and aromatherapy for a healthy indoor climate!

This effective humidifier with ionizer and aromatherapy, cold and warm misting, automatically regulates the optimum humidity and improves the air quality in all interior spaces up to approx. 65m² / 160m³ where people stay for living, sleeping, working, recreation etc.

Top design for each interior – Designed in Germany

Because “Beauty enriches life”, the high-quality ultrasonic humidifier CA-606 with ionizer and aromatherapy surprises by the Lifestyle design that combines eye-catching lines with high functionality and effectiveness as the main features of this of unique design.

Ultrasonic humidification

The ultrasonic technology of the modern Clean Air Optima® humidifier CA-606 is one of the most effective methods for automatic air humidification in interior spaces. Ultrasonic water atomization is performed by a small high-frequency vibrating plate (membrane) in the water basin. An air stream coming out of the fan collects the fog and dispenses it into the air of the room where it evaporates directly. Humidification with ultrasonic technology is very suitable for use in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, children's room, hobby room, senior home, office, workplaces, meeting and conference rooms, treatment, waiting and living rooms, nursing homes etc. etc.

Ionizer air purification

The Clean Air Optima® ultrasonic humidifier CA-606 has a built-in ionizer that produces negative ions for cleaning the indoor air and enriching clean indoor air with negative ions, which improves the air quality. Negative ions attach themselves to dust particles, microorganisms and other unwanted particles and connect them to each other. The particles hence get heavier and descend to the ground or are filtered by the ionizer. Negative ions support the buildup of energy reserves, as well as the metabolism, the blood circulation and the immune system. Moreover it can allay problems with allergies, asthma and headaches. Healing processes are accelerated and stress and sleep disorders are reduced.

Aromatherapy with essential oils from Clean Air Optima®
The use of essential oils is called aromatherapy. Essential oil, also known as ethereal oil, is a fragrant, volatile liquid extracted from aromatic plants. It is a product made from a raw material of the same name, by distillation or, in the case of fruit, mechanical pressing.
You will find our range of high-quality Clean Air Optima® essential oils in our webshop under Aromatherapy. The high-quality essential oils of Clean Air Optima® are sprayed by the ultrasonic air humidifier CA-606 with ionizer and aroma sprayer micro-fine and ensure an odor composition tailored to your wishes.

Causes and consequences of dry air

Especially during the heating period, relative humidity in living and working spaces drops beneath the advised 40% level. In winter times rooms that are heated are full of dry air. The more the ambient air is cold, the less humidity can be absorbed. In summer times air-conditioning also leads to dry air.

Low air humidity has negative consequences for the well-being of humans and animals. If exposed too long to dry air conditions sicknesses and respiratory diseases may follow.

Furniture, wooden floors, antiques and plants also suffer from low humidity.

Prevent and reduce allergy and skin problems

During dry times many allergens like dust mites swirl through the rooms. Itchy eyes, irritated respiratory ducts and dry skin are the negative consequences of dry air. The ultrasonic air humidifier with ionizer by Clean Air Optima is suited for rooms up to 65m²/160m³ and increases your well-being. Dry skin is protected and provided with enough humidity. Sufficient humidity reduces dust swirling. The integrated ionizer purifies the air and hence improves air quality. Persons suffering from allergies and skin problems have fewer troubles thanks to optimal humidity and healthy air. They can sleep better and their quality of life improves.

Healthy indoor atmosphere in the children’s rooms

Correct humidity and healthy air in the living room and in the bedroom protect babies and children from dry and itchy skin, cracked lips, getting a sore throat and moreover reduce the risk of being subject to house mite allergies.

The Clean Air Optima® ultrasonic humidifier with ionizer and aromatherapy CA-606 automatically controls the correct humidity level and improves the air quality in your interior spaces, reduces health problems caused by too dry air and protects valuable things in the interior against dehydration.


Effective ultrasonic humidification with high-frequency technology with hot or cold mist, air cleaning through the built-in ionizer, aromatherapy, low-noise operation and its elegant design make the unique Clean Air Optima® ultrasonic humidifier with ionizer CA-606 suitable for placement in any interior: living room, kitchen, bedroom, fitness room, office, showroom, meeting and conference room, treatment room, doctor's office, nursing homes, daycare centers, playgroup, classrooms, training and education center, hotel, restaurant, wellness room, animal enclosure, etc. etc.

Suitable for small and larger spaces up to approx. 65m² / 160m³

The most important advantages of the Clean Air Optima® ultrasonic humidifier CA-606:

•   Ideal for persons suffering from allergies, skin or respiratory problems
•   Ultrasonic air humidification with cold and warm water nebulisation
•   Aromatherapy for a pleasant ambiance
•   Humidification performance min. 120 ml/h – max. 480 ml/h

Program setting

•   Manual
•   Auto
•   Sleep

Hygienic and chemical-free humidification

The Clean Air Optima® ultrasonic humidifier CA-606 with aromatherapy and ionizer works without chemical additives. Harmful particles, bacteria and viruses present in the water are largely eliminated by the high-frequency membrane vibrations. The PTC heating element of this innovative humidifier provide an additional contribution to the killing of bacteria and viruses and therefore prevents odor of the water. The quality of the indoor air is further improved by the air purifying effect of the ionizer.

Comfortable, safe, economical, simple operation and easy to maintanance

The high-quality Clean Air Optima® ultrasonic humidifier CA-606 with aromatherapy and ionizer has a remote control and is manually adjustable with the touch buttons. The setting is clearly visible in the large, beautifully lit LCD display. The integrated safety system with light and sound signaling switches the humidifier off when the tank is empty. The humidification degree is automatically controlled by the digital hygrostat and can be freely selected and varied between 40 and 80% relative humidity. The Clean Air Optima® Waterfilter W-01W ensures the descaling, cleaning and softening of the water. The Clean Air Optima® Silver Ion SI-01 filter makes an additional contribution to the killing of bacteria and prevents odor of the water.

Simple filling of the large water tank

Due to the large 5.5 liter water tank, the CA-606 humidifier has an operating time of approximately 10 to 12.5 hours.

The Clean Air Optima® CA-606 ultrasonic humidifier with aromatherapy and ionizer consists of two parts: the lower part with the water basin and the membrane and the removable upper part consisting of the 5.5 liter water tank.

The water tank can be easily and quickly removed for filling with tap water under the tap.

The ultrasonic humidifier Clean Air Optima® CA-606 is suitable for both private and professional use.

Technical spec's

Ultrasonic humidifier with ionizer and aromatherapy CA-606

•   Suitable for small and larger spaces up to approx. 65m² / 160m³
•   Ultrasonic air vaporization for cold and warm mist
•   PTC heating element, heats the water to approx. 65 degrees, eliminates bacteria,
     reduces legionella risk.
•   Capacity min. 120 ml/h - max. 480 ml/h
•   Digital hygrostat regulates adjusted humidity
•   Relative humidity adjustable between 40 and 80%
•   Water tank capacity 5,5 liters
•   Air purification through integrated ionizer
•   Ionization performance >3.000.000 negative ions/cm³
•   Active oxygen <0,05ppm
•   Aromatherapy
•   Very silent < 25dB(A)
•   Dimensions 23 x 15 x 37 cm high
•   Weight: 3,4 kg (empty weight)
•   Colour: Pearl white
•   Energy consumption only 25 Watt for cold mist - 105 Watt for warm mist
•   Electrical connection 220 – 240V, 50 / 60Hz

Program setting

•   Manual
•   Auto
•   Sleep

Comfort and security

•   Remote control and manual operation on the display
•   Big LCD display (Automatically dims after a few seconds)
•   12 hours timer
•   Humidification capacity adjustable with 3 speeds
•   PTC water preheating
•   Water filter for descaling, cleaning and softening the water 
•   Filter replacement indicator: active via signal in the display
•   Silver Ion filter against bacteria formation and poor water odor
•   Automatic turn off and acoustic signal if water tank empty
•   TÜV, GS and CE certified


•   2 years

Water filter W-01W
The Clean Air Optima® air humidifier CA-606 is equipped with a water filter that ensures the descaling, cleaning and softening of the tap water and thus prevents the formation of lime and bad-smelling water. The water filter can be cleaned twice a week under running tap water.

Determining the water hardness with the test strip supplied in the package

1. Immerse the enclosed test strip in a glass of cold tap water for 1 second.
2. Read the water hardness test strip after one minute.
3. Consult the table to determine the expected service life of the W-01W water filter.
To indicate that the water filter W-01W needs to be replaced, the humidifier double
zero indicator light starts flashing after 400 hours of operation.

More info: User manual CA-606

Silver Ion filter SI-01
The Silver Ion filter eliminates bacteria and viruses in the water basin of the humidifier and can be cleaned twice a week under running tap water and must be replaced at least once a year.

The combination of Water filter W-01W and Silver Ion SI-01 filter ensures optimum water quality.

Find more information about filters or ordering of filters, in our webshop under: Accessoires.

Cleaning the membrane and the water basin

User manual

User manual CA-606


Essential oil Eucalyptus

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Water filter W-01W

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Silver Ion filter SI-01

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Silver Ion filter SI-01

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Friday, September 29, 2017
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Working very well and easy to use.
Monday, October 19, 2020
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Heb 2 toestellen gekocht. In vergelijking met mijn vorige toestellen van de concurrentie zijn deze van Clean Air Optima veel stiller en gezien de luchtvochtigheid automatisch ingesteld kan worden is dit een groot pluspunt. Display is ook groot zodat alles erop goed zichtbaar is. Zeker aan te raden!
Monday, August 10, 2020
5 4 3 2 1
4 / 5
Snel in gebruik genomen. Werkt prima.
Tuesday, June 23, 2020
5 4 3 2 1
5 / 5
Das Gerät ist gut und kommt sehr gut mit der Trockenheit zurecht. In sehr kurzer Zeit erreicht die Feuchtigkeit den eingestellten Wert. Der einzige Nachteil ist dass man den Tank entfernen und umkehren muss um ihn aufzufüllen. Das ist mir aber nicht so wichtig wie die gute Funktionalität des Gerätes.

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